How we work

Our process

A good start to the collaboration is very important. Whether realizing an idea, creating a prototype or an existing product. Our process begins with establishing personal contact. This allows us to accurately identify what the wishes are regarding the possible assignment. It also allows us to ask the right questions and make trade-offs to carry out the project.

After this conversation, both parties will know what the next step will be. Finally, the idea or prototype will be recorded on a drawing. Based on this drawing we determine what the price will be. In the case of an existing product, we will ask for a drawing (PDF/Step file) in order to prepare an offer. You will then know when and for what price you can expect a perfect product from us. When you then proceed to place an order, you express your confidence in us. We will then do everything we can not to betray this trust.

Reliable and Flexible

Because we also produce our own products, we know better than anyone the value of a reliable supplier. We understand that when one player in the chain does not fulfill his agreements, the rest of the chain suffers and may no longer be able to fulfill their agreements.

We therefore believe in the power of a lasting relationship and will do everything possible to fulfill the agreements made therein. We try to unburden you as much as possible.


Naturally, we are ISO 9001 certified and act accordingly. If necessary, we can provide manufactured products with the necessary certificates ( 3.1, 3.1 upgraded or 3.2 ), measurement reports, charpy, hardness and penetrant tests. You name it.

Our experienced and highly qualified staff is ready to take care of your job to perfection. Delivering consistent quality is our credo. Through our KMS and programming in Fusion 360, errors are prevented and we produce as much as possible according to the 'first time right' principle.

Input and output control via PMI

In doing so, we are very critical in what we send out of our factory. For example, we check all incoming and outgoing metals to make sure we deliver what we say we deliver. When this is not the case, we know that the consequences for you can be enormous. We own a Hitachi Vulcan Smart+ that allows us to identify the metal and check that it matches the order and the accompanying certificate.


We find that with our customers, product traceability is an increasingly important issue. If required, we can provide the packaging and/or the product with a unique bar or QR code. This simplifies the logistics process but also makes it possible to trace, for example, origin, type of material, revision number, batch number, production date at all times.


In addition to turning and milling, we can also take care of other operations for you. Think of vulcanizing rubber on metal, low stress annealing, small welding operations, anodizing, galvanizing , laser engraving, flat lapping.

In addition, we are happy to handle the assembly of small series for you. Our aim is to relieve you of all your worries and to act as a one-stop shop as much as possible.