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ISO 9001 certified

We are authorized to perform machining operations of non-ferrous, ferrous and plastic materials, vulcanization of various types of rubber and assembly of products.

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Welcome to Combifit Metalworking

We are all-round fine mechanical machinists and specialize in machining all types of stainless steel, Inconel, Monel, Nickel, Incoloy, Hastelloy and Titanium. These difficult materials hold no secrets for us and, as mentioned, we do not turn our hands away from them. We know how the material behaves and with which techniques the material can best be machined.
Whether single pieces, small or medium series. You can come to us for it. As a rule, we can handle workpieces up to 40 kg with a maximum dimension of Ø 250 x 500 mm.


In addition to the aforementioned high-quality alloys, you can also come to us when it comes to machining aluminum, steel, copper, bronze, other non-ferrous metals and plastics.


Naturally, we are ISO 9001 certified and act accordingly. If necessary, we can provide the manufactured products with the necessary certificates ( 3.1, possibly upgraded or 3.2 ), measurement reports, charpy, hardness and penetrant tests. You name it.

Our experienced and highly qualified staff is ready to take care of your assignment down to the last detail. Delivering consistent quality is our credo. Through our KMS and programming in Fusion 360, errors are prevented and we produce according to the 'first time right' principle.


We find that with our customers, product traceability is an increasingly important issue.

If required, we can provide the packaging and/or product with a unique bar or QR code. This simplifies the logistics process but also makes it possible to trace, for example, origin, type of material, revision number, batch number, production date at all times.

Sustainable cooperation

Because we also produce our own products, we know better than anyone the value of a reliable supplier. We understand that when one player in the chain does not fulfill his agreements, the rest of the chain suffers and may not be able to fulfill their agreements as a result.

We believe in the power of a lasting relationship. We want to unburden you as much as possible and therefore do everything possible to fulfill the agreements made.


Herewith a sample of the long line of products we have created over the years.
As you can see, we are proud of it.
Good to know that in addition to turning and milling, we can also provide other machining services. For example, vulcanization of rubber on metal, low voltage annealing, small welding operations, anodizing, galvanizing , laser engraving, flat lapping.


Of course, we can also handle the assembly of small series for you. We do everything we can to relieve you of worries and act as a one-stop shop.
Silver tips

Silver tips

Products manufactured from silver.

Outer diameter 1.5 mm, hole 0.6 mm

with a tolerance of 0.01 mm


Explosion Proof Enclosure

Is made of 316L

(round 100 x 120 mm) and must meet

to the ATEX IECEx directives

Flame stabelizer

Flame stabilizer

Machining with 4 axes.


Special tools

Mounting pin made of stainless steel

with a slot of 250 x 3 mm


Transducer Pockets

CAM programmed 2.5 D operation

made from Inconel 625, Hastelloy, among others

and 316L stainless steel

Cutter piece

Contour plates

CAM programmed contour milling

made on a vacuum table

from aluminum and 316L stainless steel



Difficult operation sloping

with very little working space

Valves vulcanized

Brake valves

Product made of 316L stainless steel with a

EPDM vulcanized sealing surface.

Tri-clamp fitting

Various couplings

Fabricated and assembled (welding).

Inside diameter with a

maximum roughness of 0.4 Ra.

Product 16

Different Prototypes

Produced and assembly of

various products made from

Monel, Hastelloy and stainless steel.

Product 17

Wetting nozzle

Nozzle made of cast bronze with a

hole pattern diameter of 0.4 mm

and a tolerance of 0.01



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